What People Say
About Our Bamboo Sheets
bamboo sheets

"...Love our bamboo sheets!--much softer, cooler and more absorbent than any we have had before--a great investment for a relaxing sleep!"

Nancy Partika

bamboo sheets

"I had heard that bamboo sheets were softer than the Egyptian cotton sheets I usually buy, but I was really surprised at how much softer they are. My husband, who doesn't usually pay much attention to new sheets, except to comment on their color, was amazed at how soft and comfortable they are to sleep on.

The only problem is that it is harder to get up in the morning because I just want to snuggle with my pillow a little longer (I'm not kidding!).

Danee McFarr

bamboo sheets

"Dear Limin, I am doing well especially after sleeping in the softness and silky feeling of the Bamboo Sheet!

They are a treat and I recommend them as a means to a peaceful and refreshing night rest. My best wishes to you and the Bamboo Sheets!"

Gigliola Baruffi

bamboo sheets

"These are the softest sheets we've ever had. We've purchased other sheets with high thread counts in search of the ultimate "soft night's sleep" and these sheets have surpassed them all.

They also really seem to deflect perspiration well which is a good thing in Hawaii. We love them so much we are buying them as gifts for our family members. Of course it's also an added bonus that they are enviromentally friendly in these current times of "thinking green."

Lisa Maddock


"Limin, we bought a set of sheets and pillow cases and we LOVE them. They really are cooler in the summer (and in Phoenix, Arizona that is important!) and they are warmer in the winter.

I would recommend that everyone has two or three sets. We have not gotten another set yet, and when we change out the sheets, we always change them out quicker when they are clean again. Thank you for recommending them to us. You will be hearing from us again soon."

Nona and Scott Jurgens

bamboo sheets

"Value and comfort are very important to me and with the 'Bamboo Sheets', I find both. The fitted bottom was just right and the feel of the sheet is smooth and soft.

I would recommend the sheets to my family and friends and if fact, my sister already bought a set for herself. From a Satisfied Customer."

Sonia M. Leong


"For Christmas, I bought a set of king size?sheets, which included pillowcases, for a friend and another set for myself to try out. We both loved the silky softness of the bamboo sheets.

The sheets are warmer than cotton but cooler than silk. I'm anticipating that the flat sheet will be enough cover for warm summer nights. I especially like the bamboo pillowcase which seems to keep my pillow from smelling musty from the damp Nuuanu air. Considering how much of our lives are spent in bed, bamboo sheets are a worthy investment"

Ruth Fujita

bamboo sheets

"I have always purchased the highest quality high thread count cotton bed sheets, because I like the feel of smooth soft sheets.

However, when I put the bed sheets and pillow cases made from Bamboo on my bed, I found them to be the softest and smoothest sheets I have ever experienced!. They are definitely superior to the best cotton sheets and pillow cases I could find."

Mike Gold